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"Alex and Prescient Accounting have been our accountants for 5 years, and in that time he and his company have been an extremely valuable aid and support to our company VeriSmart and the numerous Franchisees that represent our brand."
“Having experienced the big groups and their lack of attention and unwillingness to try new avenues - Prescient have been an absolute win for our organisation - fast, quick thinking and keen to explore new methods, they have allowed us to direct our business with razor sharp accuracy in massively changing times  - safe in the knowledge of excellent guidance.”
“Prescient Accounting is definitely one of the ‘new breed’ of accountants. We consider them a key part of our senior management team, giving pro-active advice on what we should be doing now, rather than what we should have done last year.”
“Prescient Accounting fitted the role perfectly and has been able to provide Wrights that boost required to drive us forward and has had a positive impact on the way we think and utilise our financial resources to achieve our goals.”